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I’ve got a friend and they mean a lot to me.


August 14th & 15th !!!!


I got my adorable budgie pouch from here. Eriko from Japan is a sweetness with a shop full of adorbs. 

Shipping isn’t too bad. It gets here surprisingly quick and not TOO horrible of a price. Japan has the cutest birdy things.

A Vague Story「雲を掴むような話」 Wolf RPG Editor Animated Adventure Game


A Vague Story 「雲を掴むような話」 (Kumo wo Tsukamu You na Hanashi)

This is a story of Doorkeepers, people with the special ability to see, materialize and open secret doors hidden all over the world.

The game is a BrownSugar production (She has another game site here.) (She also goes…


that’s gross don’t do that


I finally finished watching Tsuritama (it’s incredible how much I procrastinate because it took me AGES to conclude watching such a short series!). So I decided to draw the main characters with some special phrases that suit them!